About user organizations

Idaho HAN supports the following eight organizations. A user on Idaho HAN is initially associated with only one of the following organizations:

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW):

The IDHW organization represents the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare. Users in the IDHW organization primarily communicate with other users in the IDHW organization, along with internal roles in the Health District. At the request of the Health District, a user in the IDHW organization may also communicate with external Health District roles, acting in a backup capacity.

One of the seven Idaho Health Districts:

 Idaho Health Districts 1 through 7 represent the seven Health District organizations in the State of Idaho. The internal Health District roles within each Health District primarily communicate with the external Health District roles (e.g., physicians, nurses, etc) and the State roles (e.g., State Epidemiologist, etc).