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Message ID:   1544      Public Message
Subject:   Southwest District Health Test Health Alert
Sent By:   PHD3 Date Sent:   6/22/2017 7:28:35 PM
Priority:   Info Status:   Sent (Delivered)
PHIN Specific Data:
Severity:   Minor Delivery Time:   2 Hours
PHIN Status:   Test Message Type:   Alert
Sensitivity:   Non Sensitive Acknowledgement:   No
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HAN Test Letter.pdf6/22/2017 7:21:09 PM 188704 Download

Message Text:

This is a Test of the Southwest District Health
Health Alert Network
No Response is Required
Southwest District Health (PHD3) periodically tests the Health Alert Network (HAN) to ensure maximum connectivity with our health and community partners. The HAN system is used to disseminate information, updates, advisories, and alerts of public health importance.
We encourage all registered users to regularly log on to the HAN website to keep their user profiles current.
If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Tripp, SWDH HAN Organizational Administrator, at (208) 455-5362 or email to