Viewing the list of health messages

Who can do this task? Anonymous Users, Registered Users, Organization Users, Organization Super Users, Organization Administrators, and System Administrators

To view the list of health messages:

  1. On the Home Page, click Health Messages. The Health Messages Sent page appears for the list of Sent health messages:

  1. To view additional pages of the list, ten items at a time, click in the Page box, enter the page number of the page you want to view, and then click Go.

  2. To view the previous page, click the Previous link. To view the next page, click the Next link.

Note: The current page you are viewing appears in the gray band above the Previous and Next links as "Viewing page x of y", where 'x' is the current page number and 'y' is the total number of pages that can be viewed.

  1. To view the list of All, Draft, or Archived health messages, filter the health messages by message status.