About user types

Six user types

Idaho HAN recognizes the following six user types:

Anonymous User:

An Anonymous User is a user who either has not registered on Idaho HAN, or who has registered but has not logged on to Idaho HAN. An Anonymous User is limited to read-only rights in Idaho HAN. An example of an Anonymous User is a member of the community who navigates to the Idaho HAN web site and browses health messages and news items.

Registered User:

A Registered User can receive health messages generated by Idaho HAN, but does not have any other access rights, such as creating and sending health messages. An example of a Registered User is a physician who receives health messages via email.

Organization User (Org User):

An Organization User can create and update health messages and news items for his or her assigned organization only.

Organization Super User (Org Super User):

An Organization Super User can create, update and send health messages, and create and post news items for his or her assigned organization only.

Organization Administrator (Org Admin):

An Organization Administrator can perform all tasks within his or her assigned organization only. An Organization Administrator can assign the following user types to all users within his or her own organization: Organization Administrator, Organization Super User, Organization User, and Registered User.

System Administrator (Sys Admin):

A System Administrator is one of a limited number of special users who can perform all tasks for all organizations defined in Idaho HAN. A System Administrator can assign all user types, including other System Administrators, across all organizations. A System Administrator also has access rights to perform system-level administrative tasks in Idaho HAN.

What is a user type?

A user type represents the level of security a user is assigned within Idaho HAN. Every user is assigned a user type. Your assigned user type determines the functions you can perform when you are logged into Idaho HAN.

When is my user type assigned?

Your user type is assigned to you upon approval of your registration request, or when your profile is added to Idaho HAN either by a System Administrator or by your Organization Administrator.

Where can I view my user type?

Your assigned user type appears in your user profile under Account Information. To view your user profile, click My Profile on the Home Page.